Lifetime of Meditation

By B. C. Money

Echoes of Yadkin County, North Carolina

Vallie Lucinda Brown Money
s Journal

Where as B. C. Money was always writing, Vallie had this one journal that the family know of.  She was much too busy raising her children.

Vallie Lucinda Brown Money’s Journal   -   Where as B. C. Money was always writing, Vallie had this one journal that the family know of. She was much too busy raising her children.
Vallie Lucinda Brown’s Journal, Start of Journal

Mrs. B. C. Money – Yadkinville - I will just write a few special things that happen this year January 1949

On Jan the 4 Dada myself went to see Lona (Vallie’s sister) and Amanda (William Money’s daughter).

On Sunday the 9 Ben, Annie Pearle came and we went to see Uncle Coon. He seemed to be feeling good; went to see Aunt Lynda (Stallings in Thomasville) too. It was about all she could do to get up out of her chair.

Tuesday the 11th we went to see Ura. They all ok.

This Thursday the 13 Doris, Charlie, Dada has gone to W. S. to get their meat. It was awful pretty yesterday. This is the prettiest weather in January every body ever seen.

Sat the 15 Dada, myself went over to see Judy Ann. She been sick; thought she had measles.

On Sun the 19 Lola and Everette and children came. Sure was glad they came.

On Monday the 17 Brodie and Mabel went to school. I went to see Judy Ann. She was better. Dada came after me.

January the 11 When Dada and myself went to Ura’s, we carried her some cressies. She sure was glad of them. We sure did enjoy the trip.

January the 18 Dada, myself, Doris and Charlie all went over to see Ruth and Fred. We all enjoyed the trip. The weather was warm, cloudy and stormy looking but didn’t rain very much. We went up to J. B. and Lela store and carried Ruth and Fred some groceries they bought – 10 Dollars worth. They won’t have to buy anymore soon.

Sunday the 23 Ben and Annie Pearle and Judy Ann came. It was awful muddy but they didn’t pay mud any mind. They not been very much cold weather in January.

February 1949

Sunday 20 We all went to Ura’s for her birthday; had a good time.

Sunday 27 We went to Lola’s birthday; had a good time. The weather has been so pretty all through February. March 1949

Saturday the 12 Dada went to see Uncle Coon and stayed till Monday.

On Sunday the 13 Brodie carried me over to see Lona. I had a nice time. Ben and Annie Pearl, Judy Ann, Ruth, Bruce and Emogene all came after me. They all eat dinner with Doris. Lola all came Sunday eve.

On Sunday 27 Ben, Annie Pearle, Judy Ann, Dada, myself, Charlie, Doris, Ada Lee, Bruce all went to see Uncle Coon. He was right sick. I stayed till Thursday. Dada, Doris, Charlie, Ruth and Fred all came after me. (they had a ’48 Ford) April 1949

One Wednesday the 6 Dad went on the bus and stayed till Sunday the 10. Brodie, Mabel, J. B., Lela, Ura, Charlie, Emogene all went Dada.

On Friday the 8 Zola, Lola and Doris went to see Uncle.

This is August the 8 the children have been home several times but I just failed to keep it wrote down. There was several things I could have wrote but just failed to write. August 1949

On Wednesday the 3 Lola, Doris, Charlie, and JW came to stay til Sunday.

On Friday the 5 Ben, Annie Pearl, Judy Ann, Dada and myself all went in Ben’s car. Wesley Adams, his wife, their 2 sons, Grace and Claude and their little girl all went to Myrtle Beach. We all sure did have a nice trip and enjoyed it so much. We all got home

Sunday the 7 about six o’clock. We sure did have a nice trip. I was so glad Lola and children was here with Ada Lee and Bruce.

August 17 Dada and myself went over to Lola’s and stayed all night. Went with them to preaching. Enjoyed the trip just fine.

August the 22 Dada myself and Bruce went to see Ruth and Ura. We enjoyed our trip but I hated to see them having to work so hard. We stayed all night. I helped cook dinner for them all on Tuesday 23.

On August the 27 Dada and myself went to Mebane to see Art and Ollia. We had a big dinner there on Sunday. The Theodore had come home. Aunt Sibby was there. She was not very well. We had a nice time.

J. B., Lela and Imogene came after us Sunday Eve 28. It did rain and the wind blew awful hard. Lela, you remember what a time we had getting out to the car? September 1949

Sunday the 11 of September Dada and myself went to Pilot View Church and went home with Ben, Annie Pearl and Judy Ann.

Sunday the 18 Ola Hobson came home with us from preaching. I am always glad for her to come. October 1949

One Sunday the 9 the children were all here. Ruth, Fred, Doris, Charlie, J. B., Lela, Imogene for dinner. The rest of them came in the evening except Olivia. She was in school. Lester had gone to see his sister. Doris and Charlie sold the last of their tobacco the 12. I was glad the children all got to come Sunday. They all hadn’t been since they come for Dada’s birthday July the 17 on Sunday. His birthday was on Saturday but they all came on Sunday. Ura, Lester, Ben and Carol all helped Ruth and Fred in the tobacco this summer in 1949.

October the 14 Dada and myself went over to Danville, VA to see Trevor and her family. We sure had a nice trip. November 1949

Sunday the 17 of November the children all come home. I sure was glad they all got to be here. They had nice time drawing names for Christmas. December 1949

Ava Lee got married the 17 of December. Christmas was on Sunday this year. Part of the children were here on Tuesday the 17 of December. Everett came down. He and Brodie laid of his house.

Wednesday 28, Ruth and Fred came over. Brodie, Fred and Charlie all worked. I helped Mabel with her dinner. Doris, Ruth and Bruce went over to Ura’s and ate dinner. Olivia was at home. They had a nice trip then. Doris and Bruce went home with Ruth and Fred and stayed the night to help Brodie on Friday the 390. They all poured cement for the foundation for the house. They sure did work.

Saturday the 31 Doris and Charlie went over to Ruth and Fred to bring Bruce home. January 1950

On 28 Mabel’s sisters gave her shower. She got lots of things. Ura and Lester came and stayed all night.

This has been a lovely month except some foggy damp weather. They all been working on Brodie and Mabel house. Lola came with Everett one Saturday and brought the 2 little males – Dennis and Charles. She helped us get dinner. Ruth came several days to help Mabel, Doris and myself with the dinner.

January the 26 They almost have the blocks laid for the house and also the pit dug for the bathroom. It was such a pretty day. Ruth came with Fred today. We sure did love to see her coming. February 1950

Thursday the 2 it ‘s been about a week since they worked on the house been so rainy and damp.

Friday the 3 Everett came down so Dada and ? went to Winston-Salem.

Saturday the 4 Brodie, Everett, Charlie, Frankie, and Allen all worked on the house.

Friday the 10 they all worked on the house. Lola and the little males came one day and stayed all night.

Saturday the 18 Charlie, Everett, Fred and Lonnie W. all stared the paper and tar on covering the house. Brodie helped too. Annie Pearl went to the hospital after Mabel. February 1950

Saturday the 18 Ruth came with Fred the morning. We all so glad to see her coming. Mabel, Doris and Ruth all helped to get dinner. Ada Lee helped too. Here and Onie came. They didn’t have to work today. We all was so glad to see them coming.

The 14 Mabel went to the hospital and stayed till Tuesday 28. Brodie started to see her Monday eve the 27 and had a wreck. We just thank the Lord he didn’t get killed. He phoned Ben and he let Brodie have his car to drive until he could get his car fixed.

March 1950 one Saturday the 4 Lola an all the children came and stayed all day. I was glad they all got to come. Everett worked a little while on Brodie’s house in the morning.

Sunday the 5 Ura, Lester, Ben and Carol came and eat dinner with us. Bruce have gone to spend the weekend with Ada Lee and Onie. April 1950

On the 10th, Easter Monday C. J. Patton (Sibby’s son – Carolyn’s uncle) and Marie (she died with cancer), their little girl, Pennie Vola (she committed suicide) came to see us. So Dada and myself went home with them and stayed till Saturday the 15. Brodie and Mabel stayed with Bruce and Doris helped to look after the things. We sure did have a nice trip. Ben, Annie Pearl and little Judy came after us.

The 30 on Sunday Brodie, Mabel, myself, Dada, Bruce all went to see Ruth and Fred. May 1950

On Monday the 1 Ruth and Fred came over here. Glad you both got to come. June 1950

They still working on Brodie and Mabel’s house. July 1950

The 10 of July is Dada’s birthday. It was on Sunday this time. All of the children, Aunt Sibby (B. C.’s sister) and a lot more came. I think they all had a nice time. August 1950

On Sunday 13 the children all came to make ice cream for my birthday.

On 14 which was on Monday, glad they all got to come but they didn’t get to stay long. It was to far for Ruth and Fred to come for such a short time.

For September and October

For these months I could have wrote several things but just failed to do so. November 1950

On Sunday the 5 Doris, Charlie and myself went to Mebane. Doris stayed till Wednesday. Marie came home with her.

On Sunday the 12 C.J. and Maria was here for dinner and nearly all the children. They all had a nice time.

On November the 18 Saturday Brodie and Mabel moved in their new house

On Sunday the 26 Dada, myself, Bruce, Charlie and Doris all eat dinner with B. M. (Brodie and Mabel)

It came big snow on 24 on Friday night. December 1950

There has been lots of cold weather in this month. Dada and myself has been nearly sick.

Christmas day was on Monday this year. The children were all here and we had such a nice time.

On Wednesday 27 Dad, myself, Brodie and Mabel went over to Lola’s for dinner. Clara Lee came home with us. Dada and myself was sick for several days. We stayed up at Brodie and Mabel’s that night and up here ever since.

Ruth and Fred have been to see us several times lately at night and just stayed a little while. January 1951

The first Sunday 7 Dada and myself had been sick. We didn’t go to church.

Friday the 12 Mabel went to Winston-Salem to the hospital for a checkup.

There has been lots of cold weather in this month. February 1951

They has been some really cold weather. We are still up at Brodie’s. Sure have enjoyed ourselves.

The 24 Brodie, Mabel, Bruce, Dad and myself all went to Winston-Salem. We went by the see Ada Lee and Onie. Ruth was there. Bruce and myself stayed with them in the evening. They all came from town so we all come by and brought Ruth home. We enjoyed the long ride.

On Monday the 26 Dada and myself come back home. Sure is nice to be back home. March 1951

The 4 was the first Sunday Dad and myself went to the Cross for preaching. Winnie and Novella and Margaret Brown came home with us. Mabel fixed dinner for us. Some of the other children were there, the 7 Lola 2 little boys and Everette came a awhile.

On Friday the 9 Dada and myself went over to Fred and Ruth and stayed all night. Sure did enjoy our trip.

There has been so much cool weather all thru March. April 1951

On Sunday the 1 was preaching day at the Cross. Dada and myself went for preaching. Charlie had the flu last week. I took it on Tuesday the 3 so I was still sick Sunday the 8. Dada and myself didn’t go to church.

This Friday the 13 I can’t hardly sit up all day yet. Doris and Mabel have gone to Winston-Salem to see the doctor.

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