Lifetime of Meditation

By B. C. Money

Echoes of Yadkin County, North Carolina

The Spring of Life

B. C. Money wrote these meditations and letters between 1907 and 1911

Echoes of Route Three by B. C. Money   -   January 30, 1907
Misses Lula and Lonie Poindexter were the guest of Misses Bessie and Pearl Choplin Saturday night and Sunday. After a light attack of pneumonia, Lola the baby girl of Mr. and Mrs. John Wiseman is up playing around again. Mr. Will Jester went down to Winston last week to look him up a job, but changed his mind, and now he says old Yadkin is good enough for him. Yadkin is good for her smart industrious men as was demonstrated the other day when a certain farmer loaded his wheat in his buggy also a lot of tobacco bags while he was gone to the Yadkinville butter mill. If you don’t believe, just ask the Yadkinville mail carrier, Mr. Jack Vestal.

B. C. Money

Little Child rescued in nick of time   -   February 15, 1911
One of the saddest scenes the writer and scores of others have ever witnessed in this neighborhood occurred last Sunday P. M. While Mr. Willie Hobson and family was visiting at B. C. Money’s their two and a half year old child wandered off the other children that was out playing and when the attention of the parents was drawn to the absence of the child search was begun as the parents become alarmed as further search was unsuccessful. Phone messages to neighbors were sent and soon scores were searching woods, etc. without result. The parents were panic stricken and the mother almost hysterical, meanwhile the search was kept up.

As the sun was hastening down in the western horizon, and the dreaded thought, that little Clark might not be found and that he would have to spend the night no one knew where, it was enough to break the parents hearts, when the news come that it had been found in Mr. Lewis Fleming’s mill pond one mile away, and as the mother embraced her child once more the scene was enough to make the most stubborn heart weep. The child was heard crying by Mrs. Bovender who send rescues to the child and when they, Willie Bovender and Wesley Adams, reached it it was in mud and water almost to the waist, with a deep swift current running only there feet away. Truly it was a narrow escape from drowning.

While we shudder at the thought of the sad occurrence we are thankful that it was no worse and we truly believe there as an all seeing eye from above looking down on the child as it wandered away. And now kind reader let us surmise a little, let us remember that Christ went into the barren mountains and over the ragged cliff, seeking the lost that had wandered away from the shepherds fold and may we not presume that the kind shepherd weeps over those that have wandered away, as these parents did over their lost child. It seemed as an object lesson of the divine writing: “There is more rejoicing in Heaven over 1 soul that repenteth than ninety and nine that are safe in the fold.”

B. C. Money

Echoes of Route Three by B. C. Money   -   March 6, 1907
March weather, fly bear kite Mr. Wesley Murphy is up again after an attack of pneumonia we are glad to note. We were glad to learn that Messrs. Jenkins Williams and James Gross landed in New Castle, Ind. safely. Success to you boys, but say what about the dear wife and best girl left behind?

Miss Flora Mathews will begin a two months school at Union Cross next Monday. Her salary is paid by the Society of Friends and all parents that belong to Friends can send their children free of charge, others that wish to attend will be charged a small tuition. Miss Flora is an excellent teacher and should have a large attendance. Mr. Gray Hardy and family of Surry County, were visiting at Mr. A. C. Moneys last week. Look here, Mr. Lamford, what you been going back to Greensboro for? “Vess up.”

Rev. Franklin Warden occupied Union Cross pulpit last Sunday with his usual ease and eloquence. His text was “The good Shepherd and Crown of Glory.” His sermon was grand. The immediate neighbors have been disturbed of their rest the past two nights by some one singing, We were at a loss to know who would be so merry and light hearted as to be singing so much at night but from what we have learned, we suppose it was “Papa” Ben Colbern singing to the ten pound boy that arrived at his house last Saturday. Mr. King Bovender has moved back to his home after a five months stay with the Bohannon sawmill Company.

B. C. Money

Echoes of Route Three by B. C. Money   -   July 10, 1907
The most enjoyable occasion that the writer has been privileged to attend was a surprise birthday dinner last Sunday at the home of our good friend, Mr. John Choplin given in honor of Miss Bessie, it being her twentieth birthday. A long table was erected out in the yard and then the good ladies began to bring out their baskets and to fill the table with the best things that mortal man ever eat. About one hundred partook of the dainties and twelve baskets full of fragments were taken up after all had eaten to their hearts content (but Mr. Editor, if you had been there, we guess you would have eaten up everything that was left.) It seemed that everybody enjoyed themselves the best they had in their lives, in fact everybody became young again and forgot the cares of life. And as one by one parted to go to their different places of abode, they realized that it had been one more pleasant event in their lives and the joy it brought to the home of these kind friends will be long remembered by them.

We can’t realize how much joy and comfort such occasions bring and especially a home where there is no one to care for and comfort the husband and children. Oh what is home without a mother but while Misses Bessie and Pearl you have no mother living to look too, just remember the host of friends that you have that is ready to shed a sympathizing tear with you in sorrow or to rejoice with you in gladness and may this home be blessed with many such occasions for if any family ever deserved friendship and kindness this home does for they are so good and kind to all and if we have flowers to give let’s give them while they are living thus making life more pleasant and not wait to place them on the coffin because they will do no good then.

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