Lifetime of Meditation

By B. C. Money

Echoes of Yadkin County, North Carolina

The Summer of Life

B. C. Money wrote these meditations and letters in 1958 and before.

Fond Memories   -   Meditations by B. C. Money
Listening over the radio recently we heard two ladies singing, “Precious Memories.”

We remember the first time we ever heard that song. Mr. and Mrs. Martin Mackie and his two young daughters sang it at Union Grove and the words and melody have lingered in my memory as I thought it was the most beautiful song I ever heard and have always wished I could hear them sing it again.

As we think of things that are happening and conditions that have changed so much and thinking of the many hundred graduates that have finished high school and college that had been associated together and formed friendships and ties, many of which will last through life. But the separation time has come and with fond memories they will each go their way into the religious and business world to give the world their best

Yes, how fortunate children and young people are to have such conveniences and comfortable conditions. Lovely school buildings, good transportation to and from school and training that fit and qualify them for the duties of life in the business and religious world and as they make their way in life it is hoped that they may make the world a better place to live in by eliminating wars, strikes and many of the evils that now exist.

When we were a child, children had to walk sometimes two or three miles over a dirt, muddy and sometimes snowy roads to a log house school building with slab benches for seats, open fire place for heat and sometimes cracks in the wall for light. Truly progress has been made.

Naomi and Ruth   -   Meditations by B. C. Money
The theme of our Sunday School lesson for last Sunday was Love As Taught By Jesus. When he said to love the Lord with all thy heart, soul, mind and strength and love our neighbor as ourselves and as we think of the power of love we find it exceeds all else for it is stronger than hate and more powerful than the Sword and can melt the hardest heart and cement ties that cannot be broken.

As we think of Jonathan and David, how the ties of love knit their souls together that only death could separate.

And there was the beautiful friendship that was so strong that bound Naomi and Ruth so close that when Naomi persuaded her daughter-in-law to return to her own country Ruth said, “Intreat me not to leave thee or to return from following after thee for whither thou goest I will go and where thou lodgest I will lodge. Thy people shall be my people and thy God my God. Where thou diest will I die and there will I be buried. The Lord do so to me and more also if aught but death part thee and me.” Yes, that is one of the most beautiful examples of love and devotion that ever existed between a mother and her daughter-in-law.

Love is deep as the ocean and high as the highest mountain and broad as the universe. The Bible is filled with love and yet the world is starving for lack of it.

May we resolve to love more and hate less so that this world will be a better place to live.

Dogwood Blooms   -   May 5, 1958
This is the season of the year as we travel the highways and byways we are surrounded by the beauty of blooms everywhere. The flowers of the field, the fruit trees in the orchard and the bloom of the Dogwood on every hand. And speaking of the dogwood we remember the legend attached to it which makes it more sacred indeed. As we observe days and weeks for so many things we think it only fitting that we would set aside a week in honor of the Dogwood bloom.

Thinking back over the long ago, we remember about this time of the year on Sunday morning we would take our Bible and song book in hand and make our way to church and Sunday School and along the pathway in the wooded section that was bedecked with the Dogwood and honeysuckle blooming profusely, it seemed that all nature was attuned to sing the praises of God and there were times that we felt a need of prayer and would step aside in the forest and ask for strength and courage that we might be able to face the problems of life and a joy unspeakable would pervade our life.

Yes, it was out in a secret spot that we remember praying our first childish prayer and as the years rolled on it became our habit to seek quiet recesses of the forest where we could commune with our Saviour. Sometimes it would be a prayer of pardon and at other times it would be a prayer of thanksgiving. Yes, we spent many hours in communion with God and while we have never attained the high standard of Christianity we longed for, we do feel that the Lord has been good to us for which we are so thankful indeed and we are grateful to everyone that has helped to make our burden lighter and life happier.

Especially do we remember everyone that befriended me and ministered to my needs during my blindness and through the operation on my eyes. And may each one hear these words, "As oft as ye have done it unto one of the least of these ye have done it unto me."

B. C. Money Union Cross

Fellowship and love   -   September 30, 1958
As we enter letter writing this week we hope to write a least one letter a day to some shut-in, lonely-hearted or aged person and as many more as we are able to write to, for we all enjoy receiving a friendly letter.

And with our splendid telephone system, why not make it a practice to call someone each day and wish them a pleasant happy day? And what is more heartwarming when we meet our fellowman on the highway or at church and be greeted with a hearty hand shake with a kind word and pleasant smile? Yes that is true fellowship.

And the Lord knows we need more fellowship and love toward each other as we see and hear so much today of the hatred and strife as it exists in our so-called Christian nation with men spending their time and energy making weapons of destruction. When will we cease to make these instruments to destroy men’s lives? God hasten the day when we will “beat our swords into plow shares and spears into pruning hooks” when nations will not lift up swords against nations and we will not learn war any more.

As we enjoy the lovely October weather with all its changing scenes of beauty as the leaves on the trees change their color from green to golden yellow, red and brown giving the forest a beauty that exceeds that of Solomon and all his glory. And the birds singing as they fly from bough to bough among the trees while the little squirrel sits on a limb with is long bushy tail curled on its back as it chatters away and holding a nut or acorn in its front paws as it cuts away the outer shell and eats the kernel. It may be seen as it scrambles from place to place seeking and storing food for the winter. Yes, the squirrel is an interesting little creature to watch.

In all this beauty and grandeur that we enjoy in this lovely season there is on thing that brings sadness to our hearts, when the day begins to draw to a close and we hear the plaintive call of the Bob White when by chance he has escaped the hunters and calling to its mate, with no response. Yes, the call of the last Bob White is sad indeed. But as the shades of night gather around us we are cheered by the song of the whippoorwill, as he sings his song of melody to the many grateful listeners with a heart full of love for every race, creed or color. We extend our best wishes.

Meditations by B. C. Money Union Cross

Opportunity to convey our greatest appreciation   -   October 1958
Many of our friends that we meet have commented favorably on our writing to the paper and even expressed a desire that we continue to write.

We appreciate so much this encouragement and when we think of the many people that have left Yadkin County and settled in almost every section from the Atlantic to the Pacific with the paper covering much of the same territory, we feel that these messages of ours and other contributions of the paper has a wide circulation and read by many people. We take this opportunity to convey our greatest appreciation to every Yadkin citizen that have gone out and making their contribution to every form of industry and business as well as in the spiritual fields, we bid them Godspeed and a warm welcome for their return visits any time.

Now as we are enjoying some better health for which we are so thankful there comes a longing in our hearts to do or say something that would give hope and courage to the sad and lonely.

There have been times in our life when the clouds of doubt and discouragement have hung so low that life seemed almost a failure, with no sympathy in friends to turn to but like John the Baptist when he became discouraged and doubtful in prison, he turned to Jesus to give him the answer, so in times of dark seasons we turn to our Saviour for strength and encouragement and through humble faith and prayer we are able to receive a new song of joy in our hearts and that is why we love singing so much for its soothing and joyous effect. Yes, standing before a choir or congregation singing the sweet songs of hope and comfort has always been our greatest inspiration and hope that it may be the happy lot of all people to be able to sing the songs of praise in that lovely land where dreams come true and the soul never dies and no sickness ever comes.

Meditations by B. C. Money

For Hospital Bonds   -   October 30, 1958
As the population of our Nation, State, and Yadkin County is increasing by leaps and bounds and all Religious and Educational and Hospital buildings being expanded and enlarged to keep pace with the present and future needs it is very important that with the efficiency with which our Hospital serves its patients so well and the increased demand for beds it is only reasonable that we should try and meet the demands that are being made for the Hospital by making available money by voting for bonds.

I have never been a patient at Lula Conrad Hoots Memorial Hospital but know not how soon I might be and I will vote for the Bond Issue.

B. C. Money, Route 1, Yadkinville

November 13, 1958

Hospital Bonds Carry By Large Majority Vote

Meditations of my heart   -   December 4, 1958
"Let the words of my mouth and the meditations of my heart be acceptable in thy sight O Lord." Psalms. "But I say unto you that every idle word that men shall speak they shall give account thereof in the day of judgment, for by thy words thou shall be condemned." Matthew. In the light of this scripture we quote from the song "Passing Away."

"And must I be to Judgment brought and answer in that day for every vain and idle thought, and every word I say how careful then ought I to be will what religious fear who such a strict account must give for my behavior here."

In I Peter ch. 1 vs. 15 says "But as He which hath called you is holy so be ye holy in all manner of conversation." And in II Peter 2 ch. 7 vs. we find where Lot was delivered from the filthy conversations of the wicked and finally "He that will love life and see good days, let him refrain his tongue from evil and his lips that they speak no guile." I Peter 3 ch. 10 vs

Longing in our hearts   -   December 18, 1958
As I sit here by my window on this Sunday morn watching the snow flakes as they fall to the ground making a beautiful white carpet that gladdens the hearts of children as well as we grown ups. It is so pure and white that we hate to mar its beauty by trampling under foot. Yes, there is something about snow that puts a longing in our hearts to want to be better and to be as pure as the beautiful snow.

As we near the Christmas season with all the greetings and gifts being sent and many will be spending Christmas with friends and loved ones it is a time of rejoicing and thankfulness for peace and good will to all people everywhere. Thankful for a Saviour that was born to bring joy and gladness to the hearts of men.

And we would not forget our soldier boys that are away from home and loved ones and wish for them a Happy Christmas and to all our friends we extend our heart felt thanks for a most Joyous Christmas and Happy New Year.

Meditations by B. C. Money

Easter 1958   -   April 8, 1958
Easter has come and gone and what a beautiful day to commemorate the resurrection of our Lord, and as the theme of our Sunday School lesson was centered around the resurrection of Christ, we find many incidents surrounding His resurrection.

We are told by different writers that very early in the morning of the first day of the week, Mary Magdalene with other women came bringing sweet spices to the Sepulcher that they might anoint the body of their Lord but questioned who would roll away the stone. But to their amazement they found the stone already rolled away and the tomb empty.

Mary Magdalene ran and told Peter and John, who returning with her found the tomb empty as she had said. Entering the tomb they found the linen cloths and napkin but saw no man and while John believed they returned to their own homes.

But Mary standing without stooped down and looking in saw two angels who asked her why she was weeping and said, "He is not here but is risen." And as she turned she saw someone standing behind her and he asked her, "Why weepest thou and whom do you seek?" She supposing him to be the gardener asked him that if he had borne him away to tell her and she would take him away. Then in a gentle tone he said, "Mary," and she recognized the voice and said, "Master," but he suffered her not to touch him and he commissioned her to go and tell the world and his friends that He was alive forever more. Saying that "As I live ye shall live also." Thus we find that the faithfulness and loyalty of these women that was last at the crucifixion and first at the tomb were rewarded by giving the world the first message of the resurrection. Peter and John saw only the clothes but Mary saw the Christ.

Another beautiful incident happened as we see two disciples traveling toward Emmaus, and sad as they communed together, a third person joined them and asked them why the sad communion. And they marveled that one should be ignorant of the things that had happened in Jerusalem in the last few days, and thinking he must be a stranger they related to him the cause of their sorrow and said, "We had thought that He would have redeemed Israel."

The stranger then revealed them the scripture and expounded to them all the scripture concerning himself and when they drew nigh to the village they constrained him to abide with them and as he sat at meat with them he brake bread and gave thanks and their eyes were opened and they knew Him but He suddenly vanished out of sight.

And remembering His gracious word that He had spoken to them and the unfolding of the scripture they said one to the other, "Did not our hearts burn with us as He talked with us?"

Yes, we have tried in a greater way to find the risen Lord and to feel the warmth of His gracious words as we hear Him say, "Behold I am alive forever more and as I live ye shall live also." And may everyone find a new experience in life while we wait for another Easter to come.

B. C. Money Union Cross

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