Lifetime of Meditation

By B. C. Money

Echoes of Yadkin County, North Carolina

Favorites Meditations by B. C. Money

B. C. Money wrote these meditations and letters between 1907 and 1964

Love Letter   -   B. C. Money remembers Vallie
Today is a day of remembrance for 62 years ago I was married to a sweet girl of 16 years. One that toiled and labored for so many years to raise a family of 8 children - 6 girls and 2 boys and teaching and training them to be useful men and women loved by all that knew them. Yes we spent many happy years together but now you have gone to your reward leaving us here to mourn and grief for you absence but rejoicing that some day we can meet you on the sunny bank of sweet deliverance where parting is no more. Yes sweetheart we are so lonely today because we miss you so much.

Dearest Mother and sweet companion,

Two weeks ago today, I realized that you was leaving me for a heavenly home, although your body was with us a few hours longer and I hope you knew me and that I brought you a little bunch of flowers that you loved and cared for so much; but you soon left us to weep and mourn (not so much for your going for we all were so glad you did not have to linger and suffer so much) but because we had failed to show our love and do for you the many things that we wish we had done while you was here with me. While you were giving your life for me and doing everything you could for me and your children, yes you worked and toiled to provide the things for your household.

You looked well to the ways of your family and did not eat the bread of idleness and now I cannot tell how much I miss you for I can see the touch of our hands in everything. There were times that I did express my love and appreciation to you but there were so many things that I could have done but left undone; but our prayer and desire is that soon I will meet you in that bright city where there will be no parting or sad farewells spoken and no tears dim our eyes for Jesus said all tears will he wipe away.

Goodbye til I meet you over in gloryland,

Lovingly, Dada

Looking Back   -   Looking back on the years
How swiftly the years roll by. If we are permitted to see July 16th, we will have lived our allotted three score and ten year, years that should have been full of service and devotion to man and God, turning stumbling blocks in stepping stones for better things instead of being so self-conscious, expecting man to lead us instead of being led by the spirit of God. And as the poet asks, “Must I go on empty handed? Must I face my Saviour with not one soul with which to greet Him? Must I, empty handed go?”

It seems but yesterday, but in reality it has been 50 years ago that we mustered up courage enough to write a letter of the local happenings and send it to the then, very young Yadkin Ripple, and the good Editor published it, and as the years rolled on we had a great ambition to be a good writer that we might be able to say something that would help some one to be better, as we believe the “Pen is mightier than the Sword.” Our three months school was inadequate to meet the task, but where we wish to say that the meager education we have was acquired at Sunday School, thanks to a mother who took her boy to Sunday School early in life, and in our heart was instilled a love of the Sunday School, which remains to this day. Our greatest joy today is in the Sunday School and singing. We have just been only an occasional contributor to our locate paper over this period of 50 years. In those years we have seen the paper change hands several times. It has been under the management of H. B. Nelson, Eliha Stanford, Rev. C. M. Warden, Atty. S. Carter Williams, and the present Editor, W. E. Rutledge.

In our earlier experience as a local writer we were able to write all the happenings under one heading, such as, births, marriages, social, and when a good neighbor passed away, we could write his obituary and all would be published over our signature. Today it is different. There is a column for news, one for society, sports, and the death list, which does make it more convenient for the busy reader to find. Yes, time brings changes in many ways. Back in the closing years of the Eighteenth Century, our mail was served to us one to three times a week from the Republic Post Office located in the village of Bovender Town, where the late W. E. (Uncle Bill) Bovender owned and operated an extensive business, consisting of saw mill, finishing mill and grist mill. Farming and manufacturing tobacco in the summer time, giving employment to many people.

After 75 Years   -   Jan. 29, 1951
To the Editor of The Journal: Having passed the 75th milestone on life’s journey and realizing that the sun of life will soon set, the question naturally arises, what will the record be?

Looking backward, I see so much that should have been done until it will be hard to say as Paul of old, “I have fought a good fight; I have kept the faith, henceforth there is a crown of life laid up for me at the end of the way.”

Though we have been cast down many times we have not been forsaken but have lost much joy that should have been ours.

I have always had two great ambitions, one was to be a good writer and the other was to sing. As to writing, I have been fortunate in getting some letters printed and I have had some folks to tell me that they enjoyed them. If I have helped anyone I thank the Lord for it.

As for singing, well, the following lines express my feeling: Out of my heart I sing a song, O world so great and grand; But hearts are weak and hands reach out For the touch of a kindly hand. O song I sing, I pray you bring To some sad soul thy balm; Fall soft, I pray, like the breath of May Or the touch of a loving hand. I sing for the hearts that ache and break; I sing for the hearts that are true; O world, so vast, O world so true, I sing, my song for you.

Yes, singing has brought joy to my life and with all my mistakes in life, my greatest hope is that I may be able to sing in Heaven and as a parting word I wish to beg our young people that they may never take up the habit of drinking alcoholic beverage whether legalized or not. You will never regret it.

—B. C. MONEY Yadkinville, N. C.

Another Birthday Coming   -   July 10, 1958
On July 16, 1958 we will have reached our eighty-third milestone on the road of life and many changes have been made since 1875, but our purpose in writing this letter is that for sixty or more years of the life of the paper we have written many letters to its pages and next to our church and Sunday School activities it has been our greatest joy.

For we reported visitors in and out of the community, picnics, weddings. birthdays, church and Sunday School activities and many times it was our sad duty to write of the passing of loved ones. Many of those articles were written from a direct inspiration in the hope that they might be of some little help to someone that might read them.

Now in the declining years of life we find our mind and body very inactive and unable to think and write as in days gone by. There are many things we would like to write, but this may be my last message to the paper and on this our 83rd birthday, it would be such a joy to us if some of our friends and readers of the paper would write us a card or call us on the telephone, and to the paper staff and all our friends and readers of your paper, we say good bye and God bless all. B. C. Money, Route 1, Yadkinville

Appreciation   -   July 24, 1958

The response to my request for cards on my 83rd birthday far exceeded my fondest expectation and to every one that sent a card or letter we extend our sincerest appreciation, and our great desire is that we might be worthy of all the kind things written.

To those who intended to call or write, it is not too late, for we would always appreciate a phone call or a card from a friend.

With sincere appreciation to one and all, B. C. Money

Faithfulness and loyalty of these women   -   April 8, 19??
Easter has come and gone and what a beautiful day to commemorate the resurrection of our Lord, and as the theme of our Sunday School lesson was centered around the resurrection of Christ, we find many incidents surrounding His resurrection.

We are told by the different writers that very early in the morning of the first day of the week, Mary Magdalene with other women came bringing sweet spices to the Sepulcher that they might anoint the body of their Lord but questioned who would roll away the stone. But to their amazement they found the stone already rolled away and the tomb empty.

Mary Magdalene ran and told Peter and John, who returning with her found the tomb empty as she had said. Entering the tomb they found the linen cloths and napkin but saw no man and while John believed they returned to their own homes.

But Mary standing without stooped down and looking in saw two angels who asked her why she was weeping and said, “He is not here but is risen.” And as she turned she saw someone standing behind her and he asked her why weepest thou and whom do you seek? She supposing him to be the gardener asked him that if he had borne him away to tell her and she would take him away. Then in a gentle tone he said, “Mary,” and she recognized the voice and said. “Master,” but suffered her not to touch him and he commissioned her to go tell the world and his friends that he was alive forever more. Saying that "As I Live Ye shall live also.” Thus we find that the faithfulness and loyalty of these women that was last at the crufixion and first at the tomb were reward.

Brodie, Glimpses of God   -   Written on 11/27/1989 by Kent Money in loving memory of his father, Charles Brodie Money.

Glimpses of God
The loss of a loved one
is so difficult to bear.
I reach out to touch him,
but he is not there.

Yet, I keep my faith
and look to Heaven above.
For God knows my sorrow,
He gives comfort and love.

I am not alone
as I grieve and mourn.
For God was with me
when Gabriel blew his horn.

Friend and loved ones
with their thoughts and deeds.
Helped ease the pain
as they met our needs.

Our hearts were lifted
with your outstretched hand.
There were beautiful flowers
from this beautiful land.

Your thoughts and prayers
helped sooth our sorrow.
A burden was lifted,
as we meet our tomorrow.

I can still hear his voice
and see the smile on his face.
For I know God is with him
in a much better place.

There will be no more pain,
no more suffering, no sorrow.
For the message is plain,
and I know who holds tomorrow.

So when Thanksgiving comes
and we sit down to a feast.
I will always remember
that Star of the East.

I now lift my eyes to Heaven
where ever I my trod.
For I have surely seen
those Glimpses of God.
Written by Kent Money in loving memory of his father, Charles Brodie Money on 11/27/1989

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